The exposure of the ‘Fix the Country’ Conveners’ deception

Michael Addai
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By Michael Addai

The real intentions of the so-called ‘fix the country’ convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor and his collaborators; Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah, Blessed Godsbrain Smart (a.k.a. Captain Smart), Benjamin Darko and others were inadvertently made bare for all to see when they planned a mass demonstration on June 4.

In their quest to manifest their intentions, they insisted on holding an armed three-day ‘fix the country’ mass demonstrations which could aptly be described as a pretext for an insurrection in the country, and as such in their letter submitted to the police to notify the service of this planned ‘fix the country’ armed three-day demonstrations starting on Saturday, June 4, 2022. they indicated among other things the following list of intentions and demands.

· “Contracting a private security company for protection.”

· “The contracted private security personnel as well as the demonstrators will arm themselves with weapons.”

· “The armed demonstrators will picket at the sensitive state’s institutions, such as the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and the Ghana Police Headquarters.”

· “At the GBC they demand access to the GTV studios to speak directly to the nation to lay out their grievances.”

As someone rightly puzzled, ‘going to the GBC on June 4 with guns?’, this is, indeed, tantamount to an insurrection, looking at Ghana’s contemporary history.

It was, therefore, not at all surprising to many people when the Police rightly asserted that these intended armed demonstrations were clearly in flagrant violation of the Public Order Act, 1994 (Act 49) and therefore had the potential to result in a breach of public order and public safety and security.

To that end, the only reasonable conclusion that could, possibly, be drawn from the intention of this infamous letter with this set of uncompromising demands was for the group leaders’ desire to be allowed to use the supposed demonstrations to create mayhem, instigate an insurrection as a prelude to stage a coup d’état to overthrow the 4th republican democratic dispensation on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Other than that, why choose the most chilling and appalling day of all days, June 4, to hold a demonstration with this set of uncompromising demands? A day that the bloodiest of all coup d’état was visited on Ghanaians and saw the violent usurpation of power. A day that is forever synonymous with national violence and atrocities meted out to fellow Ghanaians and saw countless innocent by-standers brutalized. A day that is stamped into the national psyche for enabling a certain opportunistic Flt. Lt. J.J. Rawlings and his group of henchmen to perpetuate the mother of all deceptions on Ghanaians. A day that is forever associated with national shame.

For some time now, peace loving, and democratic-minded individuals have not only been wary but alarmed by the harsh rhetoric of these organizers/conveners especially with their incessant usage of the word ‘coup’ to effect change in society.

This is very typical of these seemingly harmless so-called non-politicians but violent political opportunists who tap into the public anger against politicians and take advantage of legitimate public concerns, frustrations, and disappointments to advance their own political fortunes and further enrich themselves at the expense of the masses/people they purport to lead. Hence, with this act alone, the deception of the ‘fix the country’ movement leaders have been revealed unexpectedly, particularly, that of the main convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor whose usage of the word ‘coup’ to effect change was being entertained on the Newsfile platform not long ago with the strenuous attempt of the host to rationalize and normalize the word ‘coup’ on the programme with the help of the so-called security and media experts.

Perhaps these people did not live through Rawlings’ revolutionary era and even if they did, either they did not or were too young to grasp the horrifying and disastrous nature of it all and thus the fantasy to incite one. There is this naivety and an uncanny assumption on their part that most Ghanaians do not know what is going on in the country and thus it is up to them to tell Ghanaians what to do and, therefore, they seem to think they can hoodwink all with their unbridled rhetoric. By this uncanny assumption, they seek to not only underrate but insult the intelligence of all Ghanaians.

These were the same individuals who were using the Newsfile platform again sometime back to justify this absurd assertion that the infamous ‘Culture of Silence’, experienced in the Rawlings revolutionary era, is back in the 4th republic. Thank goodness, unbiased Ghanaians did not buy into this absurdity and were not convinced. Ironically, had there been this ‘Culture of Silence’ in the 4th republic as they claimed (as experienced in the Rawlings’ revolutionary era), they would have been incarcerated or dead by now and would not have had the chance nor lived to write their so-called apology to Ghanaians after been caught in the act with their list of demands. To be clear, this apology must be taken with a pinch of salt by all and sundry since it was only rendered after their planned armed 3-day demonstrations caused an outrage among the surviving victims of Rawlings violent revolutions, caused an uproar in the press and raised concerns among democratic-minded individuals about these people. Here again, the absurdity of this ‘Culture of Silence’ assertion by this group was spectacularly exposed with this convenient apology.

Never, never again should Ghanaians allow themselves to be deceived by these so-called ‘osagyefous’, redeemers, and saviours because they are nothing more than charlatans and opportunists.

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