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Stop this Putin’s Russian Odyssey — the strongman madness

Michael Addai
4 min readFeb 25, 2022


By Michael Addai

This warmonger got away with it in Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Syria, Belarus, Donestk, Luhansk, Crimean Peninsula and elsewhere. Certainly, this time, he strongly believes he can get away with it in Ukraine as the world only looks on with thoughts, prayers, talks and tokenism.

The imperialist ambitions of Russian leaders

Another tale of Russian leadership tragic soap opera is in the making with Vladimir Putin’s dismissive behaviour and autocratic ambitions. The age-old contest of total control of Russia, its nearby states, and their governance with its accompanying tragedy by another ambitious Russian leader is not new but it is now publicly unfolding in our time. One wonders why Russian leaders, right from the Czars to republican leaders, past and present whether new, old, or young, fail to learn from history and have the tendency to not learn lessons from their predecessors.

What is it that is in the Russian power mentality that tends to absolutely corrupt their leaders and further makes them want to hang/cling on to power at all costs? Even in the face of reason, fierce opposition, and the threat of eventually being toppled or defamed, they still want to cling on to power to pursue their imperialistic ambitions.

From the way Vladimir Putin is behaving, he is likely to fall on his own sword like his predecessors who appeared to be power drunk. Is he capable of avoiding another Russian popular uprising? Or is he likely to meet the same fate as his predecessors and forefathers in the end?

Mr. Vladimir Putin is staring in the face of personal Russian disaster and calamity with his inordinate personal political ambitions and quest for unbridled power to avenge the so-called historical injustices against Russia. Now, without any tangible reason or credible cause, he decides to invade a sovereign state, Ukraine, unleashing an unprovoked aggression against an independent nation, without any care for international norms or order despite all the warnings and the further threat of sanctions. Using typical Soviet Union propaganda and ‘communist inferior’ tactics, he repeatedly denied and lied when caught red-handed about his intentions to attack a sovereign neighbouring country, whose only crime is to be free and democratic, to settle historical grievances. The brazen audacity of his denials and lies is quite extraordinary.

His intention to replace the rule of law with the rule of force — the law of the jungle where the strongest man rules and survives with no care of others — is a recipe for disaster and a potential for World War III that the world has, so far, managed to avoid. Thus, his behaviour should not be countenanced by the free world. Tolerating this behaviour of lawlessness would be tantamount to appeasement to a tyrant and a warmonger, and this, certainly, would not bode well for world peace and order.

Cost of removal of nuclear deterrent

Ukraine used to be the third largest nuclear power on earth after United States and Russia. At the end of the Cold War, about 30 years ago, Ukraine voluntarily gave up its giant, massive arsenal of nuclear and atomic weapons in exchange for security guarantees from Russia, United States, United Kingdom, and other countries. Unfortunately, an unprovoked attack on its sovereignty is the reward for giving up its nuclear capability in good faith. Ukraine now seems to be paying the price of choosing the option of nuclear disarmament over nuclear armament for ironclad security guarantees from Russia, Great Britain and the United States in an accord known as the Budapest Memorandum. Obviously, their willingness to remove this deterrent from their soil has left them bare and naked for the taking by Russian predation. They have been betrayed, and this is a huge cost and blow to any country willing to sign a piece of paper for nuclear disarmament. What lessons is this serving other nations with nuclear ambitions?

Who is next and where will this stop?

It is now incumbent on the good people of the free world, most especially those who believe in liberal democracy in Europe, NATO and elsewhere to stand up to this bully. Better call the bluff of this guy who is holding the whole world to ransom and so eager to plunge it into chaos.

Please do not allow the law of the bully to reign to give ideas to other bullies and dictators out there in the world to start taking matters into their own hands and start grabbing lands and territories. Where will this stop? Is the Baltic states and Eastern Europe next on his agenda? What about China’s own ambition to forcibly grab an independent democratic state of Taiwan? Not forgetting autocratic North Korea’s own desire to take over its liberal democratic neighbour, South Korea.

The world is yet to recover from the traumatic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and now having this unnecessary, unprovoked war which is already affecting the bottom-line of average man/woman on the street is going to be more devastating.

The manifestation and realization of Vladimir Putin’s death instincts and wishes on others should never be allowed by the free world. Putin is now beyond persuasion and reasoning, the free world should go get him and cut his scary grand ambitious plans down to sizes and into pieces, and rescue the good people of Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere from his tyranny, idiosyncrasies, whims, and caprices.

(Some of the thoughts above were expressed way back in 2012 about the threat posed by the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s imperialistic ambitions).


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