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Never Again America!

Michael Addai
6 min readNov 17, 2020


By Michael Addai

It’s quite refreshing seeing the greatest democratic experiment in the world (that briefly stopped being ‘the shining city on the hill’ for the world) managing to redeem herself from this aberration of dreadful Trumpian regime over the past 4 years to reset herself to give hope to democracy by rekindling her status as the ‘beacon of hope’ for democratic forces around the world.

One may ask, why this interest in American politics, shouldn’t this be the sole concern for Americans? Well, the answer is simply this; this great democracy has managed to poke her ‘pretty’ nose into the affairs of, practically, every country in each continent on this planet since her formation by the British colonialists. Besides that she continues (well, used to) to give solace and refuge to people from every corner of the world fleeing from authoritarianism, oppression, suppression, pogrom, persecution, injustices, prejudice, economic misery and then offers them the chance to partake in the American dream. Furthermore, she continues to use her economic clout to poach and attract talents (and not so talented) from all walks of life to her shores to excel in all fields.

Thus, her tremendous power and influence stretch far beyond this planet in such a way that whenever she sneezes the rest of the world catches cold, whether the rest of the world likes it or not. So, hell no, every concerned citizen in this world has the right to be interested in American affairs because what goes on (around) in there, goes around the world, and serve as a template for others, be it good or bad.

With all her apparent moral frailties, shortcomings and huge hypocrisy, United States of America was ‘the shining city on the hill’ and continued to provide inspiration and hope to people under oppression and dictatorship. Together with her allies in the free world, they stood up for human rights of oppressed people and upheld the freedoms of people around the world until the Donald appeared on the scene and something drastically changed in the Grand Old Party, allowing the far-right, right-wing fringe evangelical conservatives to gain an upper hand with those using religion and conservatism as a cover for their own ulterior motives and xenophobic political agenda.

Therefore, friends of democracy and freedom lovers around the world really want this ‘beacon of hope’ to succeed in democracy to enable it to lead the world riddled with leaders with dictatorial, authoritarian tendencies. As a matter of fact, the world is a far better place with United States serving as a source of hope for democracy and being a leader of the free world than having dictatorial and authoritarian regimes lurking around to be in charge.

So therefore, in Trump, the destructive and disruptive witch/wizard is finally hunted down! One wondered how long Americans were prepared to endure this ‘crap’!…oops…Trump. And he happens to be a sore loser, in fact, a bad and desperate one as well. Petulant in his reaction to defeat and throwing temper tantrums because he didn’t get his way with most of the voters, he has now resorted in just clutching at straws to cling on to power to avoid being a one-term impeached president.

Allegedly, all that this racist megalomaniac of a president and arguably the most ‘laziest’ and ‘ignorant’ president in U.S. history did all the time in office was to play rounds of golf in his various mansions dotted around the country with heavy security details, using the presidency to enrich himself, his family and his flunking businesses. Apparently, he refused to spend time reading policy briefs and planning policies, and whenever he happened to be in the White House, he ended up having Breibart news read to him, watching Fox News with his cellphone, tweeting non-facts (nonsense), planning mischiefs, ‘shitholing’ innocent people and raising the middle finger to U.S. allies while plotting with Putin-Russia.

Whoever thought America presidency could descend into this farce in this day and age, just imagine the reaction of the right-wing media, conservatives, MAGA sympathizers and evangelicals if this reality-show was playing out in a so-called third world country.

No matter how much they spin it, gloss over it, term it and dress it up as refreshing or the ‘chosen one’, this aberration had a lot of dictatorial, autocratic, despotic, authoritarian finger prints all over it – irrespective of the constitutional term limits of the presidency. How is the Donald’s apparent erratic behaviour different from that of Idi Amin’s buffoonery back then?

Where was the outrage from most of the so-called evangelicals, the fiscal conservatives, the anti-communist, anti-socialist crusaders and those who purport to love freedom so much and preached against all these character flaws in others? There was virtually none, and according to them he was the will of God – the ‘chosen one’, and ‘untouchable’, and for that matter they became his enablers, cheerleaders without a prick of conscience in order to excuse away all his erratic behaviour and misdeeds that they’ve spent all their lives worth preaching against. By so doing they condoned and connived his character flaws and the #MAGA nonsense to dwell on their obsession with anything abortion, tax cuts, 2nd Amendment rights, spending cuts and their phantom religious liberty claims. By their own double standards, they’ve backed themselves into a tight corner so much so that they don’t seem to have the humility to be remorseful and admit that they were wrong in the first place but to double down on their hypocrisy, taking a cue from their ‘chosen one’.

It’s un-Christian to hate, it’s not what the scriptures say and thus it’s not up to one to hate him. However, one wonders whether curiosity or insanity is the right or wrong word here, but there is something curious or insane about individuals who consciously defy conventional wisdom and go against the norm to act on their diabolical instincts. Whether that something is pure evil, foolishness or foolhardiness is best left to one’s imagination. According to legend it was Lucifer (later Satan) who started it all (i.e. if you care to believe in the scriptures). Then this was later followed through generations by religious and political opportunists for instance, right from inventors of slavery, architects of colonialism, creators of apartheid system, autocrats like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Jihadists to tin-pot dictators from former Eastern European autocratic regimes, Russia, China, Africa, Arabian peninsula, Persian gulf region, Latin America, East Asia and Indian sub-continent. And arguably the likes of Kims, Putins, Lukashenkos, Ayatollahs, Erdogans, Xis, Dutertes, Netanyahus, Bolsonaros, Trumps are hopelessly trying to follow the trend to be wannabes.

Most would-be dictators use the democratic norms to come to power, and then with the help of willing politicians, security agencies, lawyers, legislators, judiciary and dubious press they bend the constitution to entrench themselves politically in power. Democracy only works when all participants abide by the democratic norms, obey the rules and operate on the concept of ‘no one is above or below the law’.

There is a marked difference between defending or supporting a PRINCIPLE and defending or supporting STUPIDITY in the case of the Donald, the ‘chosen one’.

Perhaps the Donald was the will of God alright, chosen purposely to lay bare and expose the blatant hypocrisy among some of these so-called conservative evangelicals. The Almighty God, as an equal opportunity listener, has no choice but to listen to opposing prayers, and even that of the devil. Apparently, he listened to the prayers of these so-called prophets, conservative evangelicals and gave them the ‘chosen one’, and what did they do? They sacrificed their principles and sold their conscience for ‘pittance’ and blew it all. Maybe now, God has turned to the so-called liberals and listened to their prayers as well to repair the damaged caused by these hypocrites, and don’t let these hypocritical conservative evangelicals convince you otherwise with their usual scaremongering, doomsday, apocalyptic, propagandistic pronouncements.

To paraphrase a certain quote from a certain showman redeemer, ‘Osagyefo’ (‘Ofogyesa’);

The search for a perfect union in this great country will continue to be a mirage, an illusion and thus meaningless unless it’s linked to the total liberation of her people from all forms of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, prejudice, ignorance, fear of others, selfishness, conspiracy theories, far-right conservatism and right-wing evangelical religious tyranny.

Never, never, again should this great country allow this ‘shitholing’ aberration to ever occur on her soil! As they say in ‘Ogyakrom’ – A word to the wise is enough.

Lest one forgets, the 46th president, Joe Biden, incidentally, is the 2nd Catholic to be elected into this office, this is historic!

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